Literature Reading

Literature Reading as often as you can is essicial for researcher.

Automatically receive search notifications

  1. Using Pubmed

    1. Register for an NCBI account

    2. Create a search rules, for example:

      (("Nature"[Jour] OR "Science"[Jour] OR "Nature biotechnology"[Journal] OR "Nature Methods"[Jour] OR "Nature Medicine"[Journal] OR "Cell Systems"[Jour] OR "Nature COMMUNICATIONS"[Jour] ) AND (RNA[Title] OR cancer[Title] OR biomarker[Title] )) OR (("Genome Research"[Jour] OR "Genome Biology"[Jour]) AND (RNA[Title] OR cancer[Title] OR biomarker[Title] ))
    3. Search in Pubmed Search box and click ‘Creat alert’ button to creat search notifications.

  2. Using Scopus

    1. Register for an Scopus account
    2. User Center—My Scopus—Alerts to creat search notifications.